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ProActivTax is helping accountants across the UK become much more successful with tax.


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We do this in a number of ways;


Help you spot tax saving opportunities

We provide you with tax systems, software and resources which help you enhance your tax and accounting compliance function to quickly and regularly provide you with tax saving opportunities to help clients.   


Help you create opportunities to help clients save tax 

We provide you with numerous resources to create opportunities for you to raise up to date tax issues with clients and prospects, secure work and ultimately save them tax.


Help you market your tax services and bring in new clients 

We provide you with marketing material, including text for articles, full news articles, presentations, videos and a tax newsletter to help you market your tax services to both your existing client base and prospects.


Update you and your team on the latest tax opportunities

We ensure you and your team are kept up to date with the latest tax issues and saving ideas. We do this in a number of ways, including regional events, online webinars, online meetings and training sessions, accountant only briefing documents and videos.


Help you and your team price and secure tax work easily

All of the tax resources we create include optional pricing built into the calculations so that you can get the tricky pricing conversation out of the way, immediately after highlighting significant tax savings for your client. The software and tools also include documentation and steps to ensure your client agrees to your fees and signs up to your extra tax saving services.


Help you and your team deliver the tax advice and savings 

We help you and your team deliver the tax saving advice and savings, with a wealth of resources and supporting information to ensure you are up to speed with the issues, potential tax savings and options. Don’t worry if some tax issues are outside your expertise as we work with a number of tax experts that will be delighted to help you and your clients in many areas of tax, including bespoke planning where appropriate. We have commercial arrangements in place with our tax experts and so you can still earn.


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