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Company Car Review

There are a number of decisions to make in respect of Company Cars, including whether to lease, buy, hold in the company or own it personally. 



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Features and Benefits of Company Car Review


Compare the tax consequences for both the individual and the company of providing a company car.

Illustrate the options for ownership by both company and individual.

Consider all cars, including hybrids and electric cars.

Advise on the tax efficiency of company car (and fuel) benefits or paying a car allowance and/or the advisory fuel rate

Review the allowable expenses for both company and individual and the Corporation Tax and Income Tax Comparisons.

Easily see the CO2 implications for capital allowances over 6 years.

Review the differing Corporation Tax treatments of finance and operating lease options and the reduction to the allowable expense.

At the press of a button identify how much salary or dividend would be needed to cover the cost to the individual.

Compare against a second car and other options.


Our Review pack will help you

Our Company Car Review will help you;

  • Understand the issues, the changes ahead and how to use the pack to set up and provide the review,

  • Promote the issue using a news item, scripted advertising slides and recorded advert video,

  • Illustrate the potential impact on clients from the changes using our calculator,

  • Provide opportunity to explore ways with clients on how they could save tax,

  • And the opportunity to sell your extra services, using our structured approach.


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