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Main changes
The new rules will be phased in over a few years and so by 6th April 2020 loan interest will be fully restricted.
75% of normal interest - 25% new tax rules
50% of normal interest - 50% new tax rules
25% of normal interest - 75% new tax rules
0% of normal interest - 100% new tax rules


Although the concept is simple, the rules do include some complexities, especially for losses brought forward. There is an assumption that the changes will only impact on higher rate taxpayers, unfortunately this is not the case. 

The changes are likely to impact on anyone that has financing and so care is needed. Basic rate taxpayers could become higher rate taxpayers as a result of the new rules.


Impact for clients

The changes to tax relief on finance will have a significant impact on residential landlords with financing. For those landlords that are not impacted signficiantly it is still an opportunity to get closer to your clients and consider further ways to help them save tax.

The changes will impact significantly on;

  • basic rate taxpayers depending upon their full circumstances and so be careful not to assume that the changes will not impact on them.

  • higher and additional rate taxpayers who let out highly geared residential properties,

  • individuals that live off a property portfolio and little other income if they have loans against the property,

  • some individuals where interest relief could be carried forward indefinitely,

  • some individuals with property losses brought forward or losses arising.

  • Trusts renting out property


Our Impact Review pack will help you

Our Property Impact Review pack will help you;

  • Understand the issues and how to use the resource to set up and provide the review,

  • Promote the issue using a news item, scripted advertising slides and recorded advert video,

  • Illustrate the potential impact on clients using our calculator,

  • Provide opportunity to explore ways with clients on how they could save tax,

  • And the opportunity to sell your extra services, using our structured approach.


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Please note the changes coming into effect in April 2020 for anyone selling residential property.