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Sign me up now for Full ProActivTax membership at £338 + VAT (£405.60) per month and access all of the tax tools, tax software, tax suport, tax planning solutions, tax resources, tax systems, and guidance.


Our aim is to help you boost your tax services and we do this in a number of ways;
  • Providing systems and resources to help your clients and increase cross-selling opportunities,

  • Providing software to help illustrate and sell tax saving opportunities, such as incorporations,

  • Bringing you the latest tax planning ideas,

  • By connecting you with third parties to help you implement some tax planning ideas,

  • By talking through your client issues and sign posting you to the best solutions,

  • By helping you promote your services with presentations and clinic days, and

  • By providing updates and training for you and your team.


What you have access to under Full membership

As a Full ProActivTax member you have access to everything a Planning member receives plus;

  • Our EffectivePrice software (in the cloud) which helps you price tax services efficiently and effectively while avoiding scope creep. 

  • Secure clients for life with ARQ-Pro software. The software ensures you and your team truly get to know clients, and regularly identify ways to help them, thereby increasing client loyalty and your firm’s profits. The software helps you easily provide additional value-added services which could prove extremely useful as MTD ITSA is phased in

  • The ProActivTax Potentials software (in the cloud), which can be used on PC's, Macs and iPads. The software provides a holistic approach to helping you identify tax savings in various areas for clients and prospects, and easily secure great work and fees from them. The software not only guides you through the review process, but generates all the appropritate documentation and help you will require to illustrate the potential tax savings, highlight the issues, price and secure extra value added work. The modules include incorporation reviews for self employed and property reviews for residential property landlords, as well as helping shareholders and directors undertake remuneration reviews. Many more modules and enhancements are to be released in the near future.

  • TaxBoost software provides tax diagnostic solution to help your clients save tax and boost their finances.

  • The Year End Planning Pack for companies and the Year End Planning Pack for individuals. Both packs include resources to help you idenitify and quantify potential tax savings before encouraging your clients, where appropriate, to buy additional services from you.

  • The TaxAware Tax Savings brochures for clients, in both plain text and fully designed versions. The guide and tax tip brochures help increase client loyalty and increase your firm's bottom line profits.

  • The Fresh Perspective Tax Tip brochures for prospects and contacts, in both plain text and fully designed versions. The guide and tax tip brochures help raise your firm's profile and win new clients. 

  • The ProActivTax Presentation Packs, which include everything you need to win new clients with tax presentations, including a guide to putting on the tax events, slides covering numerous tax topics and even scripts.

  • The ProActivTax Income Tax system, which include everything you need to promote the enhanced complaince service, which provides checklists, guides and calculator to ensure that tax returns are consistently prepared to a high standard, always looking for immediate tax savings and potential tax savings for the future. 


And everything Planning ProActivTax Members can access

You will also have access to everything a Planning ProActivTax Member has access to, including a wealth of Tax Planning solutions, including;

  • Low risk solutions such as Integral Feature Reviews, Research & Development Tax Credit reviews, Grant funding, Patent Box, and Share Option schemes,

  • Various personal solutions such as Inheritance Tax planning and Capital Gains Tax planning, 

  • Bespoke tax planning, and HMRC Dispute Resolution.


You have access to a number of planning support systems, including 

  • Our Tax Planning system

  • Our Tax Risk system

  • Our Marketing system and resources

  • Our Tax advice guidance 


You have access to a number of our packaged resources, including 

  • Our Company Car Review pack

  • Our Dividend Impact Review pack.

  • Our Property Impact Review pack.

  • Our Childcare Impact Review pack.

  • Our Pension Allowance review pack

  • Our Pricing Lite pack to help you price tax services.

  • Our Pricing Lite - CGT Residential Property pack to help you price tax services in respect of residential property. 

  • Our Budget Update resource for members.

  • Our SDLT/LBTT/LTT reclaim pack, which provides everything you need to promote and deliver a new service helping clients reclaim their extra tax paid on the purchase of their new residential homes when moving. The resource covers Scotland, Wales and rest of UK.

  • Residential Property Gain Review helps you provide compliance and tax planning services in respect of Residential Property.

  •         Our ARQ and ARQ-LYFE resources and systems to help you and your team really get to

    know your clients and spot cross selling opportunities.


You also have access to support from the ProActivTax Team, online training, webinars, events and much much more.


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All ProActivTax Resources and software cover tax rates in Scotland, Wales and rest of UK